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Note - All functions must follow the cleaning list provided or will be charged back for the cost of cleaning services hired by the Hall Board, or will be asked to come back to finish the job.


  •   Sweep floors and mop spills in areas used (do not use floor machine)

  •   Clean tables and chairs and put away.  DO NOT DRAG TABLES, STACK CHAIRS 10 HIGH

  •   Empty garbage cans.  Put garbage out in RED SHED at the back of the hall.  

  •   Wash off any marks or spills on walls

  •   Vacuume stage and put away the way you found it if used

  •   Bag cans and bottles and store them in the GREY BOX outside the back door

  •   Mop floor and wash counters in kitchen and/or bar

  •   Return podium to stage area & microphones in cupboard by the kitchen door.  Make sure that powerbar and cordless mike are shut off.

  •   Remove left over food supplies

  •   Wash dishes and put away, leave dirty towels in laundry basket for janitor

  •   Wipe down or squeegee dishwasher, counters 

  •   Wipe down stove and oven if used and make sure janitor TURNS OFF GAS ON STOVE  

  •   Tidy bathrooms and clean spills

  •   Remove all decorations

  •   Do not adjust thermostats

  •   Check and lock all exterior doors                                                                                 

  •   Clean up parking lot


**Cleaning and /or damage will be assessed by the Standard Community Hall Booking Agent. An automatic $30.00 cleaning charge will be assessed if the Hall is not cleaned to specifications outlined in the Cleaning Regulations. After an automatic cleaning charge of $30.00, cleaning will be charged on a per hour basis for any hours necessary to complete cleaning to the Standard Community Hall specifications.

***In case of a dispute between the Standard Community Hall Booking Agent and the Renter, a two-person committee from the Standard Community Hall Board will provide final ruling on the dispute.

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