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A booking/cleaning/damage deposit must be paid in advance when the hall is booked and the rent paid in full when the Hall key is picked up from the Booking Agent.     GST will be added to all prices.   (Extra charge for extra setup time may be applicable at discretion of Booking Agent and applies to all of the following.)


GST will be added to all prices.


Meeting RoomRent:  $175.00  - includes all meetings, parties, concerts, etc, which do not use the kitchen facilities (coffee may be served).   Deposit:  $175.00


Kitchen  – Rent:  $200.00  - includes use of any one or of all kitchen equipment in Hall only.  Deposit:  $200.00


Main Hall  – Rent: $300.00  - includes large meetings, seminars without kitchen use.    Deposit:  $300.00


Meeting Room with KitchenRent: $375.00   - includes all meetings, parties, lunches, dinners, etc.  when kitchen facilities are used to prepare and serve a meal in meeting room.  Deposit:  $375.00


Main Hall with KitchenRent: $475.00  - as above with kitchen use for meals.  Deposit:  $475.00


Full Facility- one dayRent: $650.00   - includes dances, reunions, etc. when all hall facilities are used for one day.   Deposit:  $650.00


Weekend (or 2 night/3 day)PackageRent:  $950.00 - includes a special rate for weddings or reunions to include decorating, gift openings, breakfasts, etc.  Rental is usually from Friday evening to Sunday noon.  Extra Day can be booked for $150.00 each day if Hall is available.  Deposit: $950.00


Local ShowersRent:  $75.00   - coffee and juice is served.   Deposit:  $75.00


Stag & Stagette Parties – not allowed.


Local Funerals, Non-Profit Youth Groups – must book the Hall with the Standard Community Hall Booking Agent and will be required to sign a lease and are subject to all regulations contained in the lease.  Local funeral services and or coffee are rent free.  All others must apply for rent free status on an individual basis subject to the Standard Community Hall Board’s approval.

Youth functions are eligible for special reduced rate  - inquire with booking coordinator.                                 


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