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Name of Renter - _______________________________________________________________________

Date of Function - _______________________________________________________________________

Function start and finish times - ____________________________________________________________

Day and time for preliminary walk through - __________________________________________________

Time caretaker needed to light stove - _______________________________________________________

Time caretaker to shut off gas - _____________________________________________________________

Cleanup completion day and time (if applicable) - ______________________________________________

Day and time for walk through after the event - ________________________________________________


  •  Do you need access to the hall prior to the day of the event?                             YES                  NO

        If so how long before and what day?  __________________________________________________

  • When do you need to pick up the keys? _________________________________________________

  • Will alcohol be served?                                                                                               YES                  NO      

  •  Are you aware of the insurance requirements?                                                    YES                  NO

  • Will you be using the stove and/or ovens?                                                             YES                  NO

  • Are you aware of how the hall should be left after your function?                    YES                  NO

  • Would you like to hire the janitor or an approved cleaner at an

       additional cost to finish cleaning the hall after your rental?                              YES                 NO

  • Do you require the stage?                                                                                          YES                  NO

  • Do you need wine glasses?                                                                                       YES                  NO

  • Would you like to have the sound system explained to you?                             YES                  NO

  • Do you need bartenders or caterers?                                                                      YES                  NO


       I/We hereby agree to lease the Standard Community Hall as per this agreement.




Date                            Signature(s) of Lessee                                                     Signature of Booking Agent






Inquire with Booking Agent about suggestions for Caterers, Cleaning Services and/or Bartenders for your function if required.

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